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love song after party

love song

author john kolvenbach
beane cillian murphy
director john crowley
harry michael mckean
joan kristen johnston
molly neve campbell
producer sonia friedman

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love song - after party

production locations

mabel's bar 


john light, patrick stewart, lisa dillon
sean hughes
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 posted by on 4th December 2006 at 07:00GMT 
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neve campbell (molly) and patrick stewart

neve campbell (molly) and kristen johnston (joan)

neve campbell (molly) and michael mckean (harry)

neve campbell (molly), john light, lisa dillon and patrick stewart

cillian murphy (beane), neve campbell (molly), kristen johnston (joan) and michael mckean (harry)

john crowley (director) and sonia friedman (producer)

lisa dillon and patrick stewart

kristen johnston (joan) and john kolvenbach (author)
total 23 pictures 1  2  3