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kate o'flynn with sean mckenzie

louisa (the ritual slaughter of gorge mastromas)
laura wingfield (the glass menagerie)
tiffany/female guard/rosa/chastity/cherry/girl (the trial)
 also seen with... marc antolin, brian j smith, rory kinnear, cherry jones, michael esper, phoebe waller-bridge, hugh skinner, weruche opia, pippa hayward, sarah crowden, richard cant, neil haigh, sian thomas, charlie folorunsho
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richard cant (male guard/information assistant/tudor), sarah crowden (mrs barrow/information officer), kate o'flynn (tiffany/female guard/rosa/chastity/cherry/girl), charlie folorunsho (bank clerk/defendant in tattooist), neil haigh (bank clerk/defendant in information office), rory kinnear (josef k), weruche opia (comptroller/bank clerk/defendant/prostitute), marc antolin (law student/flogger), suzy king (bank clerk/faye), hugh skinner (kyle/block) and sian thomas (mrs grace/doctor)
26th june 2015
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