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tommy murphy's adaptation from tim conigrave's memoir of the same name stars jane turner (mary-gert/jackie/rhys/rose/queen/lois/harry), simon burke (neil armstrong/scarecrow/dick/bob/derge/queen two/woody/franco), guy edmonds (tim conigrave), matt zeremes (john caleo), oliver farnworth (kevin/marie/biscuit/lee/door bitch/peter) and anna skellern (juliet/eric/bartender/philip/nida)

holding the man

adaptation tommy murphy
director david berthold
john caleo matt zeremes
juliet/eric/bartender/philip/nida anna skellern
kevin/marie/biscuit/lee/door bitch/peter oliver farnworth
mary-gert/jackie/rhys/rose/queen/lois/harry jane turner
neil armstrong/scarecrow/dick/bob/derge/queen two/woody/franco simon burke
producer jaqueline kolekdaniel sparrow
tim conigrave guy edmonds

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holding the man - press night

production locations

the trafalgar hotel 
trafalgar studios 


richard e grant, kathy lette
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jane turner (mary-gert/jackie/rhys/rose/queen/lois/harry), guy edmonds (tim conigrave), matt zeremes (john caleo) and simon burke (neil armstrong/scarecrow/dick/bob/derge/queen two/woody/franco)

jane turner (mary-gert/jackie/rhys/rose/queen/lois/harry)

oliver farnworth (kevin/marie/biscuit/lee/door bitch/peter), jane turner (mary-gert/jackie/rhys/rose/queen/lois/harry) and guy edmonds (tim conigrave)

guy edmonds (tim conigrave) and matt zeremes (john caleo)

simon burke (neil armstrong/scarecrow/dick/bob/derge/queen two/woody/franco)

anna skellern (juliet/eric/bartender/philip/nida)

anna skellern (juliet/eric/bartender/philip/nida)

jane turner (mary-gert/jackie/rhys/rose/queen/lois/harry)
total 28 pictures 1  2  3  4